Courage. Strength. Drive. Positivity.

Today I want to tell you about a friend of mine. I consider myself a coinsure of CrossFit friends. On my Facebook I add anyone who actively lives a CrossFit lifestyle. Because I myself have been an avid CrosFitter since 2008.  This particular friend has always been a bright and positive force on my Facebook newsfeed.  I have always enjoyed getting the extra positive boost from him on a regular basis. Just the other day this was his post, "Super grateful for another day of life #‎LovingLife #‎LifeIsGood". Simple, yet infectiously affective. Well one day he posted this...

"I keep this picture of myself in my wallet for many years now as a reminder that shit can always be worse. I'm a cancer survivor. This is part of where I get my positive attitude from. This is also why I get so stoked and emotional over my progress in the gym. Even before cancer I wasn't that physically strong at all. But post cancer I couldn't bench press a bare barbell or curl 15lb db more than 3x. I literally started from scratch. But in life i work hard at everything I do. I try to help others and motivate and inspire then. My past came up few times recently with ppl who were blown away by it. I thought it was the right moment to share this now. Life is good and take nothing for granted. Have a Booya night"...



Needless to say I was shocked, and awed in the same breath. I was completely taken back this man has been through the ringer and look at his positivity and ability to continuously be better. Every time I read posts like this, "Today's gonna be a great day! And I can't wait to crush it! Life is good! Booya!", I see his strength and become inspired just a little bit deeper. 

When I decided to begin blogging he was the first person I wanted to share. His story of  positivity was something I wanted everyone to grow from. When I asked him for his story he replied with "Wow! Of course you guys can share my story. I'd love to and be honored to be a part of this and contribute! Btw, there's more you my story than I've shared on fb. I like to wait for the right moment to share things. It always needs to be for the right reasons not for attention. Soooo I'll fill you two in soon! Cause if you want my story to help motivate others than I'm gonna hafta share the rest with ya, Boooyaa! I hope you two have a Booya day also! You two motivate and inspire me big time. "

"This before pic of myself from when I was let's just say “HEAVY” that it would be inspirational and motivational. So I agreed. And I'm finally posting some. The one on the left was me at my largest about 250lb. Lots of hard work and bad decisions helped me accomplish that 250. On the right 185, about a yr and a half into Crossfit. I started Crossfit a"...


"I'm a cancer survivor. Booya. But There's more. That pic of me extremely overweight was a brief moment in my life during a relapse. Yup. I'm in recovery. I was addicted to heroin.(the pic was during my alcoholic yrs though) Had a habit that grew into a $200 a day one. Injecting it. Cause go big or home lol. It's been around 14 or so yrs since I've done the big H. Had five yrs clean n sober and moved to Florida for 4 yrs. Made some bad decisions, took my recovery for granted and eventually justified drinking. Became an alcoholic. Pawning shit for $, the cycle was starting all over again. Back was acting up one day which does since I was a kid. Justified taking painkillers. Became heavily addicted to them as well. Withdrawals were the same as heroin. So I was in hell all over again. Finally with a lot of hard work probably the hardest work I've ever done, I got my life back. Over the span of my drug career I guess I'll call it ( at one point I quit my job to focus on just getting high every day until the $ was gone) I was arrested 5 times. 2x in NH, 2x in mass, 1x in Florida. All drug n alcohol related. I should have spent significant time in jail. But nothing more than an few overnights. I've overdosed multiple times. Paramedics came and everything, telling me if they didn't get there when they did I would have died. That was at 19. So I consider myself living on borrowed time since 19. I'm 36 now. My record is clear ( a miracle) I have no diseases from drugs and believe me I took tests for a long time to make sure. And now take nothing for granted. Every day for me is truly a gift. Cause I shouldn't be here. I keep the mindset that if I can survive cancer and drug addiction two things many people can't survive let alone get hit with both then there's nothing that difficult out there that can bring me down. I try to keep that mindset all the time. Try lol . So. How much clean time do I have you might be wondering. I don't know the exact date but it was around mother's day when I got clean n sober. So this upcoming mother's day I'll have 9 yrs embarking on my 10 th! Booya! So there ya have it!"



Ending this blog today expressing my feelings of aw. How we all go through life and down paths and if we are lucky we find our way. If we are lucky we wake up every day and think like Justin Cody.  If we are lucky we will learn a few things from him.

Life is not easy. Life is not Perfect. Learn from each turn. Grow from every mistake. See your blessings. Be happy. Just because bad shit happens or you make mistakes, your life is NOT OVER. See that and make today good.




What Does it Mean to Live the SPARTAN Life?

What do I mean to live a SPARTAN Life? In simple terms it means to be self educated and self motivated. I understand most would not understand my intent behind those simple words so, let me break down this phrase down to you.


Education. I assume that everyone should know why an education is important, to better understand the world around us of course. I like to talk about self education on a deeper level. What is important to you and why? This will be different for every person and at different times in our lives. "They" say our brains or thinking patterns change every seven years. Now I don’t know who they are or even if "they" really exist but I see some truth to this statement. Why would you want to be the same person with the same thoughts 20-10 or even 5 years ago? As humans its in our nature to find better ways of completing tasks so we can evolve and grow. So find something you love or want to learn because its important to you and read about it, study it, watch YouTube video's on it. Do whatever it takes and get self educated!! 


Motivation. My wife once showed me this quote by Zig Ziglar he said "People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing-that’s why its recommended daily." Man, no truer words have never been spoken. I know that not everyday your going to wake up with motivation. You can choose to fake it till you make it.  If you have a goal or a plan that fake it will come easier. Every morning when you wake up, I want you to have three things you want to accomplish for the day, write them down. Then before you go to bed that night look at your list and see if you really did accomplish it. Also, before you go to sleep write down three things you are thankful for. Keep this up for a month and see how you feel…better, worse? If I had to guess I would say you feel much better about yourself and life. Basically, become self motivated!!


Until next time thank you for taking the time out and reading.


Shane Cross

The SPARTAN Life Creed

The SPARTAN Life Creed

I Will know my Value as an Individual. I Will look for Values in others, and I Will help them see their own worth even when they do not see it in themselves.

I Will Respect myself. I Will show others Respect.

I Will Challenge myself on a daily basis. I Will Challenge others when I see they need it.

I Will Love and Honor my Family. I Will be Strong for them when they need me to be. I Will support any endeavor they choose and be their Rock they stand upon.

I Will Not give into Fear.

I Will Love Myself.


Self Educate Self Motivate

I have this printed out and thumbtacked beside my bed so every morning when I wake up and am reminded. It reflects to me the things that matter in my life. I would feel Honored if you printed this out or made up your own. If you need to reword a few things to make it mean something to you, then do! The point is to have a mind set, a pattern of action and thinking that creates a Spartan Day. Get your mind ready to be strong an actively positive. Get your mind ready for the world ahead. Ready to take on any challenge and ready to stand tall facing whatever is to come.

When I think of my value I think of taking care of my body, mind and soul. I set forth to make sure I take action everyday that would create a healthy mind and body. I also see self love. No Negative Self Talk. Ever. When I think of valuing others I think of making sure they are taking actions to feel and be the same way. When you are re wording and posting this creed somewhere of worth to you, be thinking of what values you have and wish to be reminded of daily. 

 Respect. This again touches on NO NEGATIVE Self Talk. I respect myself enough to love myself. All of myself- my past and my now.  I have allowed others to take advantage of me and my loving nature. This is something that I think of when I read this passage  I focus on Respecting myself enough to keep others from harming me. N sit idly and let others harm me. Meanwhile giving even those who harm me respect. Not because they are deserving but because they need it. It is found that people who will do harm to others do not see their own self worth and need love and respect. I vow to give them my respect, while maintaining my own.

Challenging myself is something I enjoy in life. I love to break a barrier and beat a goal I give to myself. This can be mental, physical or even spiritual.  Currently I have two going on. One was 30 days of no sugar and no alcohol. I have survived and came out the other side with a better view of those vices. Control over the foods that triggered me into spirals of guilt. The second is 100 days of 100 push ups. I wake in the morning and do 50, then before bed do another 50. I challenge you to find something anything to work on and push through. Whether it is reading a book a week, or 100 push ups. Anything that you know will make you work hard and challenge you.

Love and Honor your family. This one sounds easy. You may think you do it enough. I challenge you to make sure your letting them know you feel this way. You may think you love them but do you say it? Make sure that when you are loving and honoring it is felt. Make sure they are the priority they deserve to be.   

Fear is something you create inside your own head. Unless there is something imminent happening to you at this very moment there is no reason to create fear out of nothing.  Do not allow what if's to keep you from following your hearts desire. Do not allow a possible negative outcome to keep you from trying.

Loving Yourself is the very essence of this entire Creed. If you are proud of the person you are and the way you attack your life then you will love yourself. Take action to be the person you want to be. Be Proud of this and Love You.

Self Educate yourself. Look for ways to improve on the things you need to change. Read, watch videos, meditate find what will help you. Never stop learning.

Self Motivate yourself. Wake Up Everyday with intent on accomplishing this list. Read it over and over again. Make it Happen.

Live The SPARTAN Life